Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Making a Splash: George Perez's Inhumans

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Time to take another look at the spectacular splash pages of George Perez (accent on the first "e", natch)! This time, let's gape in awe at Mr. Perez's work on The Inhumans. Starting around 1975, George somehow became the go-to guy when Marvel needed a penciler for a super-team. The Inhumans, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Sons of the Tiger all enjoyed Perez's pulse-pounding pencils and --for a time in 1976--he worked on 'em simultaneously! What's really cool about this batch of splashes is how, no matter how many different inkers Marvel turned loose on those Perez pencils (can ya get much more diverse than Frank Chiaramonte, Fred Kida, Mike Esposito, Vinnie Colletta, and Don Perlin?) you can still see his style shining through. Check 'em out, baby, from Inhumans #'s 1-4 and 8 (July 1975-January 1976 and September 1976)!


  1. George Perez rocks! And still does! I loved his stint on Logan's Run & the FF as well! Too bad the Inhumans comics didn't last longer. Probably only because of their being only like a million new great titles out in the 70's & inflation! GGRRRRR!!!

    I'm just happy he's still going strong! Too many of that Bronze age wave of awesome artists. Either were flash in the pan artists. Or left us waaayyy too soon!

  2. Very cool, Groove. Perez is the master of the big group!

  3. Thanks for posting this, brings back great memories. This was part of my vast & now completely gone comics collection: I actually bought the whole run of this Inhumans series (12 issues, I think) in 1980 or '81 from a mail-order comics dealer for about $3 - I didn't even know Perez drew a few issues, and was surprised they were so cheap. After all, by that time Perez was a superstar and the prices of most back issues of anything he drew (esp. Avengers...) were really starting to skyrocket.

  4. Ol' Groove agrees with ya, group--Perez is more kinds of awesome than Baskin Robbins has ice cream flavors!



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