Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bring on the Back-ups: "The Silent Sniper!" by Kanigher, Buckler, and Giordano

The Rose and Thorn back-up feature actually forced Young Groove to buy Lois Lane's mag on a regular basis. This classic, "The Silent Sniper!" by Robert Kanigher, Rich Buckler, and Dick Giordano (from Lois Lane #119, December 1971) should give ya a good idea of why...


  1. An absolute masterclass in storyelling & composition right there.
    Always loved The Thorn too. Along with The Human Target, one of the best back up strips DC ever did. Somebody put all this stuff in a nice glossy trade!

  2. That was a great little series. That sleepwalking sequence never great old. 'The stinging nettle in the side of crime.' I see what you almost did there, Bob.

  3. Roger Stern was going to do some stuff with Rose/Thorn, setting it up in Showcase back in the 1990s. In typical DC fashion, they then didn't see the project through. I hate DC.

  4. Totally agree, Just like Mike Vosburg, Giordano never drew a naff looking woman!



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