Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast 2011: "The Shadow from the Stars!" by Mantlo, Byrne, and Layton

Welcome back to Groove City's Thanksgiving Feast 2011, Groove-ophiles! Time to chow down on some primo super-heroics courtesy writer Bill Mantlo and artists John Byrne and Bob Layton. Champions #11 was one of Teen Groove's fave comics. I always dug the Champions (wotta ka-razee collection of super-heroes!), but when you add new penciler Byrne to the mix (Mantlo had been regular writer for a while and Layton had inked the mag a time or two) and toss in Hawkeye, the Marksman (who spent a long time atop Young Groove's favorite heroes list), well, I'm a had lad! I still dig this Thanksgiving 1976 masterpiece. Fun story, great character moments, and superior art always stand the test of time. Hope you agree!
Cover by Gil Kane and Bob Layton

Be sure to come back at 6:02 for our post-meal snack, Groove-ophiles. Yer gonna dig it!


  1. You're spoiling us,Mr Groove!
    I WILL be back.
    /Mr Anonymous

  2. This was a favourite comic of mine as a schoolkid. I thought Darkstar was cute, with her ice cream hair; I already owned Black Goliath nunber one- one of the very few first issues I'd ever read; Kaa had a fascinating visual...even the idea of a Marvel gunslinger in the present day seemed nutty but exciting. Byrne's Champs made the Avengers look a bit square for a couple of issues



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