Monday, November 28, 2011

Bring on the Back-ups Week! Monday Miscellanea: Shameless Self-Promotion, Pluggin' a Pal, and Lex Luthor Back-up Series (?!)

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Haven't done a Monday Miscellanea in a while, so...

ITEM! Dunno if you've noticed, but over in the side-bar Ol' Groove's been running covers for a couple'a mags from Red Leaf Comics. Why, you ask? 'Cause they're publishing me, baby! The first five issues of Daring Adventures are running my kozmic/sci-fi super-hero ULTIMUS. The first three issues are on sale via Red Leaf, and the fourth ish should be out soon. Once the first ULTIMUS story arc is complete, Daring Adventures is gonna run my super-team, POWER CORPS, for a few issues. After that? Who knows? Main thing is, Ol' Groove would sure appreciate it if you'd order a few copies of Daring Adventures (if ya haven't already).

ITEM! Also at Red Leaf is KENDRA, DRACULA'S DAUGHTER by my pal, Jonathan "A" Gilbert (of E-Dispatches from the Great White North and Red Lion Comics fame) and Seppo Makinen (whom I was lucky enough to work with on a few stories back in the day). KENDRA is one cool comic, to put it mildly! I mean, how can you not love the idea of a dysfunctional Dracula Family--Undead Daddy Dearest vs. daughter?  Jon's writing is always top-notch and Seppo's art is a joy. Again, if you haven't already done so, treat yourself to a copy of KENDRA, DRACULA'S DAUGHTER. You'll be glad ya did!

ITEM! Believe it or not, Groove-ophiles, there was a time when DC actually contemplated giving Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor his own strip. Yep, right there in the back of Action Comics #486 (May 1978) is "Hero for a Day--?" touted on page one as "...the first episode in a new series...THE SECRET LIFE OF LEX LUTHOR". The story was written by letterhack-turned-pro Elizabeth M. Smith ("abetted" by Thomas E. Smith) with art by Kurt Schaffenberger and Frank McLaughlin. Strangely enough, editor Julie Schwartz must have quickly changed his mind, as the next two issues (part of the infamous DC Explosion) introduced two new "permanent" rotating back-ups featuring the Atom and Air Wave. Let that be a lesson, Groove-ophiles: crime never pays. It can't even get you a lousy regular back-up berth!


  1. I wish there were more Lex Luthor back ups. I usually think the villains are more interesting than the heroes.

  2. Ah, Val and Lena - happy days! I'd forgotten all about this strip, thanks for sharing it. I do like that Lex didn't want his nephew to cheat at baseball.

  3. I always thought the Lex Luthor story was cute. Especially in the last panel when the boy says that Batman's his favorite hero!



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