Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast 2011: "The Ice Age Cometh!" by Englehart, Dillin, and McLaughlin

Welcome back to Groove City's Thanksgiving Feast 2011, Groove-ophiles! Next on our menu is Steve Englehart's post-Avengers JLA debut from Justice League of America #139 (Thanksgiving 1976). Weird that Stainless Steve's legendary run would begin as the second feature in that fateful ish, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere. DC was gung-ho on "Marvel-izing" their heroes, and Mr. Englehart was the man with the plan--but first--and naturally--he had to get a bit of nostalgia off his chest...but not without giving us a few tantalizing glimpses into characterizations yet-to-come! Dig on "The Ice Age Cometh!" with art by (who else?) Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin!

See ya back here at noon-ish for the main course, Groove-ophiles!


  1. I'd buy a trade collection of Englehart's Justice League in a heartbeat.

  2. Ditto that, Gary! I am a pretty devoted fan of Englehart's and it escapes me why DC has never gathered his run of JLA (#s 139-146, 149 & 150) as a nice bookshelf edition. I suspect it's politics - I think there might still be people in powerful positions at DC who just don't like Steve.

  3. This particular story was written AFTER Steve had written Justice League of America #140 (which was supposed to be his first issue), much in the same way that his Avengers #105 was written after he had written #106.

  4. That was a great run.....way too short, though. He really breathed new life into the JLA.


  5. Love that bit where "Esteban Corazon" ("Steven Heart") apologizes for making fun of the JLA. That's Englehart apologizing for portraying the Squadron Supreme as a bunch of fascist tools in his Avengers stories.

  6. I had never seen Minister Blizzard before and thought it was the oddest villain name I'd ever heard.

    Love seeing a Dillin Phantom Stranger!

  7. C'mon.
    Isn't time for more of this series?



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