Tuesday, May 31, 2016

(P)Raising Kane: "And a Child Shall Lead You!" by Thomas, Kane, and Adkins

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Yesterday we dug on DC's Captain Marvel (well, at least his junior side-kick), so today let's marvel at Marvel's Mar-Vell! Y'know, a lot of folks think Marv got his awesome red-and-blue uniform when Roy Thomas and Gil Kane took over with this ish (Captain Marvel #17, July 1969), but the truth is, our Kree captain got his new threads the issue before. Roy and Gil's masterstroke was merging Marv with Rick Jones in a sort of homage to Fawcett's original Captain Marvel (whom DC would later publish as Shazam! as we just saw yesterday. Oh, and check out the colors Rick wears starting with this ish and compare 'em to Billy Batson's duds if ya don't believe me!) As great as Roy is, Gil Kane (aided and abetted by inker Dan Adkins) is the real draw here. Kane's long, lanky, powerful figures are in constant motion, and his action sequences are mind-boggling (to say the least). Plus, he gets to draw Captain America (okay, so it's rarely really Cap, but still...), some Avengers, and the Hulk for a few panels, so, ya know, this is one special mag!


  1. This is a keeper, one of the first issues Gil Kane drew for Marvel in his second stab at the company and pure unadulterated Kane through and through. The up-the-nose shots are intact, the lanky anatomy is much in evidence, and the glib wiggly fingers are in your face. I love all of that stuff and this issue has it all.

    I was a big Captain Marvel fan, starting with the first issue and still prefer the green and white version, but this comic was a big big deal and saved the character...eventually. Not knowing the Big Red Cheese at the time, much of that comparison was lost on me at the time.

    Rip Off

  2. Dan Adkins did the best inking of his career on CM # 17 - 21. He and Gil Kane were a magnificent pairing. The power and beauty just ooze from panel to panel. Roy Thomas, with his love of the Golden Age, makes this Captain Marvel an homage to the Fawcett version with the bracelets/body switching of Rick Jones in the negative zone. This change lasted for years and created many great story lines, particularly after Starlin took over and began his classic run.

  3. Man, dig those page layouts! That's some outstanding work.

  4. Besides being a fantastic issue, Gil Kane did one of the greatest costume designs of the Silver/Bronze Age for Marvel. I miss this version of the character because to me, he always looked so cool. No Marvel legacy Captain Marvel character that followed ever had that staying power.



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