Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Decent Comics: "Bat Lash--We're A-Coming ta Get You!" by Aragones, O'Neil, and Cardy

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! If you're a fan of Western comics, you're probably a Bat Lash fan. If you're a fan of plain ol' great comix, you should be a Bat Lash fan. While the origins of Bat Lash are quite murky (involving pretty much a committee of top-level creators: Carmine Infantino, Joe Orlando, Sheldon Mayer, Howie Post, Sergio Aragones, Nick Cardy, and Denny O'Neil), one thing's for sure: DC set out to make their own version of TV's Maverick--and created an enduring cult classic.

What made Bat Lash so great? Well, besides the mind-staggering caliber of the strip's creators, Bat Lash was a deep, well-developed, extremely likeable character. In interviews O'Neil calls Bat Lash a "charming anti-hero," and that's dead-on. Lash is a peace-loving, violence hating, poetic soul trapped in a gambler's body. And he's a trouble magnet. Then there are the heart-moving, action-packed, sometimes hilarious stories crafted by writers Aragones and O'Neil. And finally, the masterful, fluid art of Nick Cardy.

Y'all that have been hankerin' for more Westerns...here ya go! From Bat Lash #1 (August 1968), here's "Bat Lash--We're A-Comin' ta Get You!"


  1. BatLash was the best. A product of DC's experimental phase (Deadman, Brother Power, Angel and the Ape) it was destined not to last.

    1. Yep! Unfortunately once they started writing comics more for the adult mind we started getting an onslaught of "dark and gritty." Just my thoughts...



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