Friday, July 8, 2016

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Groove's Fave Covers from July 1976

Yep, we're truckin' back to the U.S. of A.'s Bi-centennial one more time, Groove-ophiles! This time, Ol' Groove has chosen a dozen of his absolute favorite comicbook covers from that fab-amundo month! Unlike last week's Making a Splash round-up, this classy and cool collection of cataclysmic covers includes not only Marvel and DC mags, but some Charlton, too! Kubert! Grell! Kane! Kirby! Byrne! Chaykin! Starlin! Cockrum! Boyette! Newton! Zeck! Could any other artists make a trio of dimes slip out of a kid's fingers any faster? Enjoy, baby!

Inks by Al Milgrom

Inks by Joe Sinnott

Inks by Dan Adkins

Inks by John Romita, Sr.


  1. 1976 was a great summer for comic fans! Both for DC & Marvel fans, especially Marvel fans. With the annuals, treasury editions! Nova & Kirby's the Eternals!The X-Men were rocking! Sal Buscema's Hulk & Spidey!

  2. Still have that issue of "Ghostly Haunts"...
    an enjoyable post, good sir... and Hello from Marshville...

  3. I loved when Charlton switched to painted covers for a good deal of their line in the 70s. It was a dramatic uptick in quality for a company that was not noted for caring about the appearance of its product. Some of the Newton, Zeck and Sutton paintings were masterworks.



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