Monday, June 5, 2017

Marvel-ous Monday: "Though Some Call It Magic!" by Conway, Colan, and Palmer

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! When Ol' Groove did the post for Astonishing Tales #8 featuring Ka-Zar last month, I didn't realize that we'd already tackled issues 9 (a fill in by Stan Lee and John Buscema) and 10 (the actual finale by Roy Thomas, Barry Smith, and Sal Buscema). (You can read #9 here and #10 here). To make up for the boo-boo, here's that Colan/Palmer Dr. Doom job from A.T. #8 that many of you have been clamoring for! Written by Gerry Conway, "Though Some Call It Magic!" is a beautifully illustrated look at Doom's magical side. No wonder so many of ya wanna see it!

Oh, yeah, did you catch the title for the next issue blurb? Does it sound familiar? Here's why:
Cover art by Gil Kane and Bill Everett


  1. Brilliant!
    Doom is a great villain because he is at times tragic and heroic. And nobody could have illustrated this classic tale by Conway better than Colan and Palmer.
    Many thanks, Groove!


  2. Hey, Groove, I'm not an artist, but you are, so what makes Palmer such a great inker? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. "Though Some Call it Magic..."
    That title fits so well to the combined art of Gene Colan and Tom Palmer !

    Dear Ol' Groove Master, thank you for sharing those daily jewels !

    Some fan from France.

  4. I Love this art team! The first couple pages of the story are basically two characters walking and having a conversation. But the visuals the artists have created are so dramatic and full of mood it's epic.

    Thank you for posting this awesome artwork and story.


  5. A cool read... !!! an enjoyable look at another aspect of this great Villain !

  6. Tom Palmer is one of the few inkers who could understand Ben Colan's pencils. Gene was one of my profs at the School of Visual Arts and we got to watch him draw. He did use the side of his pencil and gave us copies to ink. It wasn't easy. Lol.

  7. Also, Gerry Conway was 18 years old when he wrote this story.

  8. Love this ! Anymore Gene Colan Doom stories ?

  9. Anon, there were a couple of issues in the Sub-mariner's title where Subby and Doom teamed up against Modok, illustrated with excellence by Gene the Dean!




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