Thursday, July 6, 2017

They Just Don't Make Comics Like That Any More--Or Do They? Charlton Neo

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! Another new department for the Diversions! We look at the classic comics presented here on the Diversions and sigh and say, "They don't make comics like that anymore." Well, that's not necessarily true, and that's what this new department is all about. Read on, MacDuff!

We love the comics of the 1970s, there is no doubt. The best comics ever! But...did you know there is a movement to re-capture the joy and fun of the Groovy Age? Marvel and DC may pretend they want to go back from time to time, but they won't do it. No, if you want new comics to scratch that Groovy Age itch, you've gotta check out the indie scene. And there's no indie outfit that's any more far-out, groovy, and Bronze-Agey than Charlton Neo!

Charlton Neo started out as a FaceBook fanpage dedicated to classic Charlton Comics, created by "Fester Faceplant" aka Mark Knox. The Charlton Arrow page quickly gained lots of fans, among them former Charlton pros like Joe Staton, Nick Cuti, Paul Kupperberg, Roger McKenzie, Steve Skeates, Frank McLaughlin, John Byrne and other pros like Sandy Carruthers, Ron Fortier, Gary Kato, Howard Bender, Batton Lash, Rick Stasi, Lou Mougin, and many, many others. Eventually all of that energy and enthusiasm led to a web-site featuring reprints of old Charlton comics mixed with brand new offerings by pros and up-and-coming fans called Pix-C. Former Cracked and Marvel editor Mort Todd helped things build and grow, and eventually The Charlton Arrow became an actual, honest-to-gosh comicbook, printing stuff from Pix-C along with even more reprints and new stuff. Then there were spin-offs like Unusual Suspense, Charlton Wild Frontier, Roger McKenzie's Frenzy, and Paul Kupperberg's Secret Romances. Full color, high-quality, Groovy Age-style comics!

Yeah, Charlton Neo's  been going strong for almost three years now, and it's getting even bigger, because they've partnered with AC Comics in order to get distribution via Diamond. That's right, baby! Starting this fall (and in previews right now!), you can get your hands on Charlton Arrow at your local comics shop! They've decided to end Charlton Arrow Volume 1 with issue 6 (which is out right now and it's AWESOME), and start with a Volume 2 issue 1. But this isn't just some kind of marketing ploy. Besides the AC/Diamond deal, the new Arrow is going to feature the RETURN OF E-MAN (by Nick Cuti and Joe Staton!), as well as the return of Colonel Whiteshroud, Monster Hunter (by Paul Kupperberg and Mike Collins), and the debut of a brand new hero, Mr. Mixit by Roger McKenzie and Steven Butler! Plus there's gonna be tons more stuff that you're going to shed tears of joy over!

So the secret's out, and you need to get on board, Groove-ophiles! Charlton Neo's making comics that you're gonna love. You'll be thanking Ol' Groove later for turning you on to all this fab-a-mundo comicbook wonderment!

And you can say "thank you" by rewarding yourself with this Charlton Neo publication slated for 2018...

Yeah, baby, Ol' Groove doesn't just read Charlton Neo, I'm gonna be writing for 'em, too! Yee-haw!

For more info on Charlton Arrow Vol. 2, #1, go here, here, here, and here. You're welcome!


  1. Wow! You have sold me on this. So, is the Volume 1 version available digitally or only in paper?

    1. They're available in print. All of 'em so far! Amazon carries them, as does IndyPlanet.

    2. The only way I know of to get the comics in digital form is to subscribe to Pix-C. Left that part out, and that's what you were asking. oops. :D

  2. Looking forward to Monster Hunter.

  3. Dude! You have inspired me to find these issues and read them! Thank you



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