Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Black and White Wednesday: "The Thing In the Box!" by Hewetson and Rubio

Check it out, Groove-ophiles...a cool, kooky, and mostly silent shocker that could have actually fit into an ish of DC's PLOP!--but was, instead, published in Skywald's Psycho #16 (cover dated January 1974)! For some reason, whenever I "read" Al Hewetson (writing as Harvey Lazarus) and Fernando Rubio's "The Thing In the Box!" I keep hearing Phil Harris singing in my head. Wonder why...?


  1. A neat little story with unanswered details for the readers to figure out for themselves- where the vines brought to life by black magic, was it a plant from a Lovecraft old one, was it a mandrake root the wife had control over? Was the other woman an old flame from long ago or a new secret romance for the elderly gentleman?
    The mysteries left unanswered that requires the reader's imagination to fill in the backstory just makes this story all the more fun and enjoyable.

    1. the Skywald Horror comics often left bits of the tale to the reader's imagination...

  2. I agree with JMR777, this little gem also reminds me of horror author Jack Ketchum's Bram Stoker award winning story 'The Box' which was adapted into a segment of the recent horror anthology movie 'XXX'. When Skywald got it right, boy did they get it right. Thanks for this Groove.



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