Friday, August 11, 2017

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Bob McLeod Covers the Best

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! This past Wednesday, August 9, was Bob McLeod's birthday. Happy birthday, Bob! We're gonna celebrate by looking back at a dozen Marvel-ous covers from the Groovy Age inked by Mr. McLeod (including his first!)--but not just any ol' covers--covers penciled by some of the all-time Marvel greats! Bob is one of those inkers who has a cool, elegant, and organic style that's easily recognizable, but he rarely overpowers the penciler. That's what Ol' Groove thinks, anyway. What sez you?
Pencils by Gil Kane
Pencils by John Buscema

Pencils by Herb Trimpe

Pencils by Gene Colan

Pencils by John Romita

Pencils by Pat Broderick

Pencils by Keith Pollard

Pencils by Frank Miller

Pencils by Mike Zeck

Pencils by Dave Cockrum

Pencils by George Perez
Pencils by Bob McLeod


  1. That issue of MTU was very cool!
    I love the classic Guardians of the Galaxy line-up!
    I hope Nikki shows up in the films.


  2. LOVE seeing the "still only 35 cents" price, takes me back to the time when that seemed like allot of money.

    1. When you had a paper route, like I did, it was a lot of money.

  3. Bob McLeod was part of the Continuity Studios affiliated influx of inkers in the 70s which also included Klaus Janson, Terry Austin, Steve Mitchell, Bob Wiacek and Joe Rubinstein. Their inking provided decades of superior embellishing for most of the top pencillers in the industry. I don't think we'll ever see such an assemblage of talent enter the field all at once again. I've met Mr. McLeod a few times at conventions. He is nice, humble for one so gifted and equally adept at pencilling, inking or doing full art himself.

  4. Like another talented illustrator Jerry Ordway, the comics biz needs more work by Bob McLeod.

  5. WONDERFUL, bob's always been one of my fave inkers, and brought out the best of the pencils under his brush/nib!



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