Friday, November 7, 2008

Famous First Fridays: Mike Grell's Warlord

Y'know, I got to thinkin'--I've done three posts that pretty much cover the whole story-behind-the-story of Mike Grell's epic sci-fantasy character the Warlord--but I haven't posted that fateful first story yet! Well, never let it be said that Ol' Groove doesn't try to make things right--especially when it involves a sword-wielding, pistol-packin' warrior like Travis Morgan! So, here ya go, Groove-ophiles! From the fabled eighth issue of First Issue Special (August, 1975), here is the very first Warlord story, "Land of Fear!" by Iron Mike Grell!

(Oh, and to show who loves ya, baby, I've included the "Story Behind the Story" text page containing a brief Grell bio and an even more brief version of how Warlord came to be!)

Remember to check out Mighty Mike's site to keep up with all the info on the upcoming new Warlord series (due out in early 2009). And hey, DC--how 'bout a Showcase series reprinting these masterpieces?


  1. Count me in for a Warlord Showcase!

  2. I would also like to see a Warlord Showcase and thanks for sharing this issue.



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