Monday, April 20, 2009

Bring on the Back-ups: "A Canterbury Tail"

Here's another keeper from the Groovy Age vaults, Groove-ophiles! In the mid-70s, DC ran a series of back-up stories in Kamandi called "Tales of the Great Disaster". These "Tales" explored the world of Kamandi in ways the regular series couldn't do (i.e. by focusing on characters besides Kamandi). In late 1976, the feature was dropped, but this two parter "A Canterbury Tail/Calamity from the Clyde" by Jack C. Harris (with plotting by Paul Levitz), Marshall Rogers, and Terry Austin was too good to be left languishing in limbo, so they printed it in issues 51-52 of Weird War Tales (December 1976-January 1977). It's daring! It's different! It's doggone good! (Groan!)


  1. What a fun little story, and absolutely fantastic art.
    Thanks for mining the obscure (to me, anyway) comics of the wonderful '70s to bring us little gems like this!

  2. And thanks for puting the two parts together.



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