Monday, April 6, 2009

Bring On the Back-Ups: Hawkman "Riddle of the Red-Handed Robber"

One of the great things DC continued to do throughout the Groovy Age was employ back-up stories in a whole lot of their books. I notice that, with the impending price increase, DC is bringing that practice back, and Ol' Groove thinks that's fab-a-mundo! Detective Comics has run tons of back-ups throughout its history, some famed, some forgotten, but almost always worth reading. Let's take a look at one of the forgotten, a neat little Hawkman tale by E. Nelson Bridwell, Rich Buckler, and Dick Giordano. From Detective Comics #434 (January 1973), here's "Riddle of the Red-Handed Robber!"


  1. Although I remained a staunch Marvel Zombie in the "groovy age," I agree with your thoughts on backup stories, Groove! This was a practice I wish Marvel had employed more often....although Marvel never retained any anthology titles that were the equivalent of Action, Adventure or Detective Comics. Perhaps Marvel should've revived Marvel Mystery Comics!

  2. Chris, I used to make my own comics on typing paper when I was a kid (I bet the majority of us did!), and one of the things I did was try to come up with a Marvel anthology in the vein of DC's Dollar Comics. I thought Marvel's Greatest Comics would have been a great title to convert to that format. Can't remember all the features I wanted in it, but I do remember doing splash pages for solo Angel and Scarlet Witch stories.

    Marvel did a few five pagers that popped up here and there during Archie Goodwin's tenure as editor. I have a few of those cued up for the next few weeks. Oh, and there's a very elusive one I'm trying to track the first part down to that came out in the early 70s. I have the second part, and as soon as I get the first, I'll run it. I think a lot of fans will be surprised!

  3. Ah yes....typing paper full pencil and ball-point pen!! LOL. And sometimes color pencils if I felt especially ambitious! (My thing was creating team-ups that never happened but should have, such as Man-Wolf meeting Werewolf by Night, etc.)

    Funny....I used to think "Marvel's Greatest Comics" was the closest thing to a Golden Age-sounding title Marvel had, because of the word "comics" at the end. Yes....I'd like to see those Marvel short stories! Look forward to that....



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