Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Funnies: Harvey by Stan Lee and Stan Goldberg

If you have a vague memory of Marvel putting out a humor comic about a red-haired teen bumbler and his kooky friends, you're not imagining things. For some reason, the two Stans created what can only be called an Archie rip-off called Harvey, whose comic made its debut in July, 1970. Yep, Harvey was the name of the competing publisher who produced all those Casper and Richie Rich comics. Weird, huh? But, if you were a kid like Li'l Groove, who dug Archie and occasionally Millie the Model (they were my sister's, I swear it!), you probably thought Harvey and his Riverdale--er, I mean, Midville gang were kinda neat-o. Harvey ran for six issues, with issue #2 coming out in September, 1970, then the third through sixth issues hitting the spinner racks from March through August, 1972. The Stans went on to other things (Lee became Marvel's publisher and Goldberg to took his talents to Archie Comics, where else?), so the 1972 run was mostly handled by Stu Schwartzberg and Henry Scarpelli (another Archie artist). Here are two titanic tales from ish #1 by Stan Lee and Stan G. Nothing's too obscure for my Groove-ophiles!

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