Saturday, July 25, 2009

Byrne-ing to Read: Space: 1999 #3--Written By This Year's Inkpot Recipient Nick Cuti

Super-star-to-be John Byrne took over the art chores of Charlton's color Space: 1999 with issue #3 (December 1975). He really got to show off his sci-fi chops on that mag--skills which would later allow him to blow us all away on stuff like X-Men, Star-Lord, Star Trek, Superman, Next Men, and so many other sci-fi oriented comics in the decades that followed.

This particular story was written by none other than E-Man co-creator Nick Cuti, who won the coveted Inkpot Award at this year's ComiCon International! Congratulations, Mr. Cuti!


  1. Even at this early stage of his career you can see that Byrne had "it", great story-telling abilities, expressive character work, good sense of design. I do think his style got into a rut in later years but I love this early, rough artwork.

  2. Yes, whatever "it" is, John Byrne had it. I enjoyed those issues tremendously and it certainly didn't hurt to also be a fan of the show!

    Great job!



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