Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shades of Gray: "A Warp In Time...Loses Everything!"

Ol' Groove's got a special treat for ya today! Here's Gray Morrow's first-ever comicbook story for DC Comics! While he'd done quite a bit of work for Marvel (Atlas) and Warren up to this point, he'd only done a cover and some spot illos on a prose piece for DC before this issue of the Witching Hour (#10, May 1970) hit the spinner racks! I jive you not! DC would make up for lost time after publishing "A Warp In Time...Loses Everything", utilizing Gray's immense talents on everything from (more) mystery/horror stories to westerns to science fiction to superheroes. You'll see lots of Gray's DC masterpieces here in time, Groove-ophile, never fear! But don't be greedy, man! Enjoy this far-out classic, then keep comin' back for more!


  1. Always a favorite! I'd never sen this one though! So NIIIIIICE! Was said to read recently that Gray's death a few years ago was a suicide.

  2. good animation for you friend!!!thanks for you!

  3. Yeah, the lay-outs and pacing here are awesome, not to mention the perfectly subtle coloring... really good post! The first dozen or so issues of Witching Hour are ones I return to all the time. Thanks!

  4. The coloring is striking, isn't it? Glad you dug the post, Groove-ophiles!



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