Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Groove's Faves: "Of Swords and Sorcery!" and "Sanctuary!"

Wally Wood was one of the greatest talents of the Groovy Age or any other comicbook age, of this there is no doubt (if you do, for some strange reason, need further proof, get thee to Steve Thompson's Hooray for Wally Wood as soon as you finish here). For four issues of Marvel's Tower of Shadows (issues 5-8, February-August 1970), we were treated to a quartet of far-out fantasy tales as only Woody could present them. My personal faves (which I couldn't squeeze into Warriors and Wizards Week, doggone it) are from issues 7 and 8. I think you'll dig 'em, too! Here are "Of Swords and Sorcery!" and "Sanctuary!"


  1. AWESOME! i've seen panels from both of these stories, but never the entire thing. great great stuff. :)

  2. Thanks for the plug but even more, thanks for the stories! Some of his best from that period!

  3. TERRIFIC stuff. It bugs me that none of Wood's 4 stories were promoted properly on the covers of those issues. Also, note how the EDITOR's name is listed first, and sometimes lettered bigger. As the TV version of Spider-Man once said, "Talk about a king-size ego!" All 4 stories were reprinted in "THE MARVEL COMICS ART OF WALLY WOOD" (1982), a gorgeous hardcover, where between the bright white paper and slightly BIGGER page size, they no doubt looked BETTER than they did in their original printing.



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