Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Miscellanea: More Groovy Blogs, Some "Thank You's", and Jim Aparo's Phantom

ITEM! Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Man, did Warriors and Wizards Week go by like a flash (or The Flash) or what? Ol' Groove didn't get in nearly the stuff I wanted to share with ya. Maybe another week of Warriors and Wizards is due sometime in the near future? Whaddya think?

ITEM! You've no doubt noticed that the list of Mind-Blowing Blogs is continually growing. Ol' Groove loves to cruise the blogosphere for far-out new sites, baby! Some of the best new (at least to me) blogs I've come across are Jaque Nodell's sweet and sophisticated Sequential Crush, which specializes in looking back at the love and romance comics of the Groovy Age; Aaron Bias' Silver Age Gold, covering (duh!) all that was cool, funny, and funky about the Silver Age in its own cool, funny, and funky way; and Mykal Banta's magnificent Gold Key Comics blog, where Mykal shares his opinions (along with tons of far-out comics) on one of the most underrated publishers in comicbook history. There's all kinds of dy-no-mite nostalgic comicbook blogs out there, baby! Visit 'em! Dig 'em! But don't forget to come back and visit Ol' Groove, y'hear?

ITEM! DotGK would like to send a heartfelt "Thanks, Man!" to some swingin' sites who've been plugging us fairly regularly. We're thankin' you, Dirk Deppy at TCJ's Journalista, Chris Mautner at Robot 6's Comics Cavalcade, and our blogging buddy BookSteve and his "Makin' Links" column at Super I.T.C.H. You dudes are outta-site!

ITEM! Due to a recent inundation of spam in the comments section, Ol' Groove has been forced to enable the word verification code function. Sorry for the inconvenience, Groove-ophiles. And spammers: take your links and shove 'em!

ITEM! Jungle adventure! The Phantom! Jim Aparo art! What's not to love about this Norm DiPluhm (Dangit! If that's not you, Steve Skeates, then who is it?) scribed saga from The Phantom #36 (November 1969)? Get ready to take a trip down..."The River That Never Ends"!


  1. What a coincidence. I just reread that Aparo Phantom story just the other day. Nice choice as always GA!

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention, GA! Also, I was just in the mood for some Phantom- and not the incoherent one currently in my Sunday paper.

  3. Thanks so much! :)

    That Phantom story is awesome laid out like that. I love the drastic shapes of the panels.



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