Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making A Splash: Neal Adams' Detective Comics

Ol' Groove can't let the month of November end without remembering the 40th anniversary of Neal Adams' triumphant turn on Detective Comics. Though he had previously drawn Batman teaming with other heroes in Brave and the Bold, Adams' first issue of Detective, issue #395 (November 1969), is the milestone issue in which he and writer Denny O'Neil first successfully shed the campy Batman image and re-introduced the world to The Batman. Here are the sensational splash-pages from Neal's legendary run.

Be back tomorrow for our super-special 500th post!

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  1. great stuff,from one I consider to be a true comic icon. secret of the waiting graves broke ground in it's transformation of batman into the batman.a fantastic tale by denny with art that was my first exposure to neal's hypnotic art.a gem,an immortal creative effort.



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