Friday, November 13, 2009

(P)Raising Kane: 13 Pages of Bad Luck With "The Eavesdropper" and "Hang Him High"

Seems we just finished Halloween, and here we are facing down a dread Friday the 13th! In honor of the day, Ol' Groove's dug deep into his fright-files for 13 pages of Gil Kane macabre magnificence. First up from Forbidden Tales of the Dark Mansion # (what else?) 13 (July 1973) here's "The Eavesdropper", inked by Ralph Reese!

To top things off, let's head out to the Old West for more bad luck and trouble with "Hang Him High", written by the great Jack Oleck, from Weird Western Tales #15 (September 1972).


  1. no better way to start my day. seriously, Kane's western work is some of my favourite Kane work. outstanding.

  2. Well, hello!
    I just discovered you blog and must write to say I love it! Not only is the content excellent, but the layout of viewing the pages is novel and nicer to browse than
    endless scrolling downwards!

    The "You might also like" feature is excellent too.

    A follower for sure, H_E_H

  3. Always looking for something to make ya smile, Mighty Joe!

    Welcome to the Diversions, H_E_H! I'll do m'best to make coming here worth your while!

  4. Groove, are you privy to any biographical info on Jack Oleck? The interweb is conspicuously void of anything on this man. Considering the sheer volume of material he produced for DC, and considering how important these tales were to my childhood, it's just an injustice. I'm assuming he's passed, but I can't even find out that...Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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