Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: Marvel's Class of 1975

Check this out, Groove-ophiles! From the 1975 Mighty Marvel Convention program book, here's a yearbook-style look at the dudes and dudettes who made Marvel Mighty during that incredible instant in infinity!

NOTE: Irene Vartanoff stopped by (thanks, Irene!) and let me know that most of the pics were taken by Michelle Wolfman. I should'a guessed that, since Michelle's photos graced many an article in Marvel's b&w mags!


  1. That is a brilliant post,Groove ! I was 14 at the time. I knew what a dozen or so looked like already but was amazed/shocked/delighted/terrified by some of the photos of those I had never seen before! Any similar material on the D.C gang?

    John Parker,Spain

  2. I always look forward to the Black and White Wednesday posts but this is a particularly interesting one. No way would we brits have seen this beforehand. Thanks, Groove!

  3. I wonder who got the honour of bestowing the nickname?

    And if Sal Buscema drew himself, he'd look just like his photo.

    B Smith

  4. Hey Groovy one!
    Thanks for posting these. Half of these people I never even heard of. I remember the Marvel Calenders & issues of FOOM also featured fuzzy photos of the Marvel Bullpen/staff back then.

    Boy I was shocked to see that photo of Marie. She's very upbeat & funny. She really must have been having a bad day or didn't like the photographer very much! She looks like she's about to She-Hulk out on someone! HHaaa!! Don't make Marie angry! You wouldn't like her when she's ANNGGRRYY!! Marie Smash Puny Photographer! Boy Denise Vladimer was quite a hottie back then. But I never heard of her, what a name. I wonder if she's a descedent of Dracula!

  5. Most of these photos were taken by Michele Wolfman, a talented photographer as well as colorist.

    Stan gave us our nicknames. He made an effort to learn who got hired and when he mentioned them in the Bullpen Bulletin, the nicknames were born.

  6. Gene Colan looks like a Gene Colan drawing.

  7. Thanks for posting these GA. I had seen some of them before but never all at once.

  8. GREAT! ...but where is Steve Gerber??

  9. @Mike

    Denise Vladimer married and became Denise Wohl. She was a lettered. Very glam.

  10. Hey, everyone! Glad you dug that post. It was kinda simple but I figured it was better that way. From the responses (and hits!) I was right. Irene: a special thanks for the information you added. I should'a known Michelle Wolfman took the pics; I'll updated the post to add that info.

    And is it just me, of does Denise Vladimer-Wohl look just like John Byrne's early renditions of Jean Gray/Phoenix?



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