Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Reads: A Frank Thorne/Red Circle Sorcery Double Feature

How'd ya like to view a dynamite duo of far-out fantasies illustrated by the fabulous Frank Thorne? Yeah, Ol' Groove thought you'd dig that idea! From Red Circle's Sorcery #8 (May 1974) it's "The Highwayman's Escape!" written by Don Karr and following that is Sorcery #10's (September 1974) "Death Is My Love's Name" written by Marvin Channing. Enjoy, Groove-ophiles!

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  1. You know, I just read Son of Satan #8. I don't think I read it as a kid, but I'm blown away at the GORGEOUS Russ Heath art in it. Each page is meticulous and innovative. While I love that 70's newsprinty feel, I wish I could really appreciate it in a better format!



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