Monday, February 15, 2010

Making a Splash: Marvel Comics for February 1976

It's time for another virtual trip down Memory Lane! Our transportaton: the stunning splash pages Marvel Comics laid upon us way back in February 1976. All aboard!


  1. Groove --

    I'm struck by two things here: first, all of the cool memories as I recognized about 1/2 of those books as having been in my hot little 10-year old hands, and second, that Marvel only had 26 books on the stands 34 years ago. Seems to me if they'd consolidate today they might have a better shot at bringing me back into the comics-buying fold! But at $4 a book... nah! Ain't happening!

    Thanks as always for these little timeslips you provide!


  2. Seconding both of Doug's observations above!

    And yeah, these splash page surveys are some of the most enjoyable things you do here...not only showcasing this curiously overlooked aspect of comics storytelling and salesmanship, but spurring memories in us old folks as well. For whatever reason, the splashes spark more immediate recollections than the covers would...



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