Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mining for Gold(en): "Earth Wars!"

The Micronauts series produced by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden for Marvel Comics is legendary, to put it mildly. One would think a licensed series based on a line of toys would be saddled with second-rate creators and/or consigned to the ho-hum section of comicbook history. Sometimes, though, the creators behind those toy-based comics get inspired beyond all understanding and create mags like Captain Action, ROM, and of course, the Micronauts. Micronauts #8 is not only a fine example of the utter magnificence of the work Mantlo and Golden produced on the series (just dig the incredible battle scenes Golden, ably abetted by inker Bob McLeod, gives us!), it also introduces a new and original character who would capture imaginations for years to come. Captain Universe was not a person, but a cosmic force that could be tapped into and wielded by humans in times of dire need. Definitely a unique and far-out concept, don'tcha think? Marvel hasn't overused the concept of Captain Universe to the point they've overused others (like Punisher and Wolverine for example), so when they have used it, it's been something pretty special. But Ol' Groove doubts anything'll ever top this...from May 1978, here's "Earth Wars!"


  1. This was the first Micronauts (and first Golden) I ever read. That full-page featuring Karza Vs. Captain Universe blew my mind 30 years ago, still looks amazing today. It's a shame Marvel and whoever owns the Micronauts license can't come to some agreement to give that series a proper Masterworks or TPB release that it deserves.

  2. Just wanted to absolutely second everything J.A. Morris said above (well not quite everything - I started reading the series with issue 4). Micronauts was quite easily the finest work done by Mssrs. Mantlo and Golden (two otherwise outstanding comics creators).
    A good second best barring a TPB is the special editions Marvel published in the early '80s - you should be able to find very reasonably priced copies in rather good condition from online dealers.

  3. Seriouly would love to know who has the rights to the Micronauts name, story, toys ... Is it Abrams/Gentile Entertainment?

  4. I really loved the sf aspects of the first issue, and was terribly disappointed that they wanted to tie the Micronauts universe to Earth and the Marvel Universe. Of course, they eventually took it back to the Microverse, but the damage was already done, as far as I was concerned.



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