Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: "Beware: The Scarlet Combine" by Lewis, Wrightson, and Chaykin

What's up, Groove-ophiles! You ready for some awesome b&w artistry? Then dig this eye-popping collaboration between Howard Chaykin and Bernie Wrightson. Two of the all-time most magnificent artists teaming up and strutting their stuff. Though the credits list Wrightson first and Chaykin second (which usually implies penciler and inker in that order), it looks more like Wrightson is inking Chaykin--but what do I know? Could be one of those totally organic collaborations with both gents doing a little'a this and a little'a that. The most important thing is that the art is dyn-o-mite! Budd Lewis's script is fun, giving Warren fans a new hero, Reuben Youngblood (sounds like Chaykin named the lad to Ol' Groove), who makes his one-and-only Groovy Age appearance (though he would appear one more time in Eerie #127 in late 1981). From Eerie #72 (cover-dated February 1976), here's "Beware: The Scarlet Combine"!

Can you say, "Far out!", baby?


  1. always have enjoyed anything by Chaykin. his work is very stylish & entertaining.

  2. I almost can´t believe Wrightson and Chaykin teamed up on an art job! But it works, and imho it is definitely Wrightson inking Chaykin´s pencils.

  3. Problem is everthing Chaykins done since Dominic Fortune has been mainly crap.I hear Dymanics going to unleash upon another terrible Shadow fiasco



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