Monday, November 22, 2010

Groove's Faves: "Conan Bound" by Thomas, Kane, and Sutton

Happy Birthday, Roy Thomas! Thank you for The Vision, Yellowjacket, Red Wolf, Squadron Supreme, Doc Samson, Valkyrie, Morbius, The Defenders, Adam Warlock, Thundra, Killraven, Iron Fist, The Invaders, 3-D Man, and so many more. Most of all, thanks for introducing me to the creations of Robert E. Howard. You put the "OOH!" in groovy, RT and the Diversions loves ya! To celebrate his 70th, let's dig on one of Roy's best epics from Giant-Size Conan #2 (September 1974). With art by Gil Kane and Tom Sutton, here is part two of Roy's adaptation of Robert E. Howard's Hour of the Dragon..."Conan Bound"!


  1. CROM! Happy big 70 Rascally One! As the Groovster stated here. Thank you for the decades of Marvelous stories & characters. I loved them all! Heck, I still wish the 70's never had to end!Thanks also for co-writting both the Conan movie screen plays & Fire & Ice with Gerry Conway!

    Here's to seeing many more tales penned by you. I'm still waiting to see a Invaders/JSA cross over & part II of MAN-GOD/Gladiator! Axis here we come! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. When a friend recently posted a poll regarding influential authors, certainly the name of Roy Thomas came to my mind. If the non-comic public does not recognize the name, it is their literary loss. :)

    Happy birthday Roy Thomas!

  3. Groove, tell me you're going to post the conclusion to this epic. I don't want to have to dig thru my highly disorganized stacks to find it. (Oh yeah, Happy Belated B'day to Roy!)

  4. I'm OMAC, you're OMACSeptember 25, 2012 at 2:22 AM

    Pg 8 is same as pg 6 here?



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