Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tony DeZuniga Week! "The Avenging Grave" by Kanigher and DeZuniga

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S, so Ol' Groove thinks its only fitting that we tip our collective hats to the men and women who have given--and continue to give--so much for our freedoms. "The Avenging Grave" written by Robert Kanigher was originally published in Weird War Tales #8 (August 1972). I think it is a sterling example of Tony DeZuniga unleashed. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks Groove! I love, love, LOVE Weird War Tales and have been hoping you would give us more of these!

    And more importantly, God bless all veterans!

  2. Loved these DC war comics as a kid. Never thought I'd grow up to be a Marine one day. I got to play war for real! Or should I say Captain America! Thanks for the kind words Joplin us vets appreciate them. Yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday as well.
    Semper FI

  3. I've enjoyed the Tony DeZuniga week, but in my studied opinion, this particular example is probably pencilled by someone other than DeZuniga (the figures look a lot like the work of Gerry Talaoc to me, but lots of the Filipino artists had similar styles). I'm not suggesting that there's anything particularly nefarious about Tony De Z. taking full credit; I think it's widely known that he relied on a studio of artists to achieve the high volume of pages that were solicited through him, but I just wanted to point out that while this looks very much like Tony's finishes, the pencils are probably ghosted.



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