Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast 2010! "Even the Noble Die!" by Conway and Colan

Welcome back to Thanksgiving Feast 2010, Groove-ophiles! Check out this poignant tale from Sub-Mariner #46 (November 1971). It's typical of Marvel Comics at the time--crammed with soap-0pera style angst, tons of colorful characters, high-powered action, and Very Important Moments. Dig it, baby--Tiger Shark, Llyra, Stingray, the Human Torch, and Subby's dad (!?!)! As Archie and Edith sang, "Those were the days!" Here's the top-flight team of Gerry Conway, Gene Colan, and Mike Esposito with..."Even the Noble Die!"

See ya back here at noon-ish!


  1. and a Hearty and Hale feast it is! Have a groovy T-Day, Groove!

  2. Uh, is page 6 supposed to be missing? Thanks!



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