Friday, November 26, 2010

Making A Splash: Marvel Comics November 1977

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Whether you're snacking on left-overs or back from battling the Black Friday crowds, has Ol' Groove got a few minutes of drool-worthy diversions for you! Dig this pile of pulse-pounding splashes from Marvel Comics circa November 1977! If you listen really hard, you can hear the Bee Gees, Rita Linda Ronstadt, and Bob Welsh playing in the background. Yowza!


  1. Man I miss 1977, the comics, the music, the ladies, the movies! AAaaa memories of my youth. I was 15 & 16 that year. Alot of great comics & art was done that year.

  2. What a tiny, overworked crew! Byrne and Infantino each do three! Chaykin, Sutton, Perez, Chan, Nebres, Robbins, Pollard and Sal Buscema all do two!

    Can you imagine any of our modern delicate artistes doing two or three books a month??



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