Thursday, February 27, 2014

(P)Raising Kane: "Town Tamer" and "Timber Wolf!" by Gil Kane

Howdy, Groove-ophiles! Are ya ready to ride the dusty trail with Gil Kane? Today we're gonna dig on two Gil Kane short-shorts from All-Star Western issues 6 and 8 (April and August 1971): "Town Tamer", which features Wild Bill Hickock and is written, drawn, and inked by Kane, and "Timber Wolf" with pencils by Kane and inks by Tony DeZuniga (author unknown). Can your eyes handle the sand-splashed spectacles to follow? Read on--if'n y'ain't yeller!


  1. Thanks for posting these. I haven't seen much of Kane's work on Western stories, but it just goes to show he was pretty much at home in any genre. Also, I don't think I've ever seen DeZuniga's inks over Kane's pencils. What a spectacular combination!

  2. YES!Thank you,Mr Groove,for sharing!
    WOW!This IMHO is Mr Kane at his best ("Town Tamer"").
    With great pencil/ink art by Mr Kane!
    /Mr Anonymous

  3. I like the Kane and DeZuniga art.
    A lot.
    Don't think there was a lot of it, which seems a shame on the basis of this example.

  4. WOW! More gems by Gil Kane & Tony Dezuniga too! I never saw these two. So it's like getting two brand new stories by Gil! Even though I was really never a big western comic fan. But two beautifully drawn stories all the same! These made my day!

  5. never seen the second one before, Groove, so kudos on that, mate! Dezuniga's inks are lovely. apparently Kane hated having to use inkers, which is a bit of a shame, because he was exceptionally well served by them.

  6. Great stuff! Interesting to see that when Gil Kane got to draw Wild Bill Hickock as a character again two and a half decades later - in an issue of Supreme - he looked the same.
    If I recall correctly, Hickock had appeared earlier in the run drawn by other artists, which suggests Alan Moore had Gil's earlier work in mind when scripting. Clearly a man of taste....
    Thanks a lot for posting.



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