Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shock Theater: A Steve Gerber/Craig Russell/Dan Adkins Double Feature

Here's a titanic two-fer from the cosmic combo of Steve Gerber, P. Craig Russell, and Dan Adkins to kick off your Labor Day holiday weekend (well, it's a Labor Day weekend if you live in the U.S. of A.)! First up, from Chamber of Chills #2 (October 1972), here's..."Thirst!"

Can you dig it, Groove-ophiles? Well hold on to your tie-died headband, 'cause there's more! "Baby" Gerber, PCR, and Dapper Dan are calling for ya to "Come on down!" with "The Price Is Flight!" from Journey Into Mystery #4 (January 1973) !


  1. Love the Disco Vampire! Looks like Doctor Strange hanging out at Studio 54!!

  2. Loved the Thirst! I never seen it, a gem I must've missed! Thanks very much for posting it! It has a shocker of a ending too, here I thought Dr. Strange/ OOps I meant Doc Drac from studio 54. Was going to fall in some freak accident on a wet floor & land on the bumbling janitor's broken mop handle. Here I thought the janitor was going to be the ship's cleaning lady. Who would look like Carol Burnette!! Or the ship was going to pass the moon after a eclipse & recieve a serious sun burn!! Flame On!! That's a spicey Meataa... ball!!

  3. As for the Flight is Right! I guess he had heart BBuuurrnnnn!! That'll teach that young whipper snapper to doubt Cliffard the Great huh? Smart alleck punk! I wonder if he'll pop like a balloon?



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