Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diggin' Ditko/Secret Origins: The Creeper in "Return of the Past"

From World's Finest #250 (January 1978), here's Steve Ditko with a rapturous re-telling of the awesome origin of The Creeper. I hear that DC will have a deluxe hardcover Creeper collection coming out early next year and this classic might just be a part of it. Start saving your shekels, Seymour!


  1. Hey, Groove:

    Where do you come down on the whole Showcase Presents/Essentials vs. deluxe hardcover argument? I'm a fan of the former, myself, enjoying both the B&W presentation of the art and the incredible entertainment bang-for-the-buck value. I know that the lack of color is a deal killer for others. (And, man, fans of each format can be brutal to fans of the other! While I have a strong preference, myself, most of the time I'm still happy to see the stuff collected at all!) I ask because Creeper had long been advertised as a Showcase Presents volume on Amazon, and I'm assuming the announcement of this HC means that volume will never see the light of day. It's pretty easy to argue that the Creeper material deserves the upscale format, but I'm still a little bummed (Ditko art particularly looks great in B&W!)

  2. DC's solicatations for Dec. include a $39.95 Creeper hardcover replacing the $9.99 Showcase volume listed earlier. Book includes Showcase 73, Beware the Creeper 1-6, 1st Issue Special 7 and the short stories from World's Finest 249-255.
    Having just received my copies of the BatLash and Eclipso Showcase volumes, I like the shorter books and I'm not happy to see them change the Creeper to hardcover.
    Did you notice Amazon's listing for a Marvel Essential's Golden Age Sub-Mariner volume? Is this Marvel's way of floating an idea to see how many pre-orders Amazon might get?

  3. I love, adore, and most importantly own many, many Essential/Showcase editions. They're economical, handy, and very handsome. If I had lots of extra money to spend, I'd skip the Masterworks type editions (the re-coloring I've seen is never very good) and go straight for the omnibus style collections.

    But yeah, I'm definitely an Essential/Showcase guy. Though I do really dig those various color Chronicles DC is producing now.



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