Friday, September 11, 2009

Famous First Fridays: Introducing Michael Wm. Kaluta

Yeah, I know you know that Mike Kaluta is one of Ol' Groove's all-time, most favoritest comicbook artists. I've mentioned that fact several times, like here, here, and here. What's left to say that I haven't already said? "Groove," you say, "when you say 'Ka-luuuu-taaaaaaaaa!' you've said it all!" Not true, Grasshopper! Have I said that you're gonna see even more Kaluta popping up on DotGK? Carson of Venus, Spawn of Frankenstein, more DC mystery stories, splashes, and covers? More of the Shadow? I haven't have I? Not only that, but what if I said, "Here's Michael Wm. Kaluta's color comicbook debut from Charlton's Flash Gordon #18 (October 1969)?"

Or "Here's Kaluta's premiere as a cover artist from House of Mystery #200 (December 1971)"?

Or even, "Dig Kaluta's first Batman cover (Detective Comics #423, February 1972)!"?

So, see, I haven't said it all yet.


  1. Why does that early style look so familiar to me? Was he ever somebody's apprentice? I should know this.

  2. This is such an outstanding feature - I commend you on the research. It also never ceases to fascinate me how many great comic writers/artists either got started or at least spent significant time working for Charlton (whose output, with the exception of E-man, I pretty much ignored back in the day - much to my subsequent regret).

  3. Wilfredo, Kaluta's early style shows a lot of his Frazetta and Krenkel influences, in my opinion. Perhaps that's what you're seeing?

    I appreciate the kudos on my researching skills, Edo. It's what I love to do!



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