Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shock Theater: "The Demon That Devoured Hollywood!"

When Roy Thomas and Barry (Windsor-)Smith got it together back in the Groovy Age, it wasn't always all about Conan, baby! Sometimes they'd just let it all hang out and lay some good, goofy, gruesome fun on us like this terror tale (to blow your mind!) from Tower of Shadows #5 (February 1970). We've always heard about how some folks would make a deal with the devil to make it in Hollywood. Well those dudes and chicks need to read "The Demon That Devoured Hollywood" before they ever get on a bus... (Oh, and you just have to dig the far-out Marie Severin/Bill Everett cover!)


  1. Hey Groovy One!!
    This is one of my all time favorite monster stories of the 70's! I almost recently bought the cover. But was out bid on it!! GGrrr! As we'll as page 2, a friend of mine here in WI owns page 3.Who I think is getting ready to sell it to me. Wish me Luck! Rich Buckler's Man-Monster story for Atlas I think was heavy influnced by this story as well. Which I loved almost as much also. Thanks for posting this awesome story. It's a real shame it wasn't longer!

    Have you done a post/article on Monsters Unleashed #9 yet? Featuring The Wendigo? If not, I'd love to do it! WWwwEEeeeeNNnnnDDddIIiiiGGggggOOOooo!!!! BURP!! OOPS!!Cough! Cough! Damn human hairball!

  2. Good luck with that original art hunt, Mike.

    And yes, by all means, if you have a post you'd like to share, send away! I love having Guest Posts here on DotGK!



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