Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Black and White Wednesday: Nick Cuti and Bernie Wrightson's "A Martian Saga"

Warren's Creepy #113 (cover dated November 1979) was a special Bernie Wrightson issue. Imagine, one big magazine with some of the grooviest illustrated creepy comics of all time between its covers! For today's post, Ol' Groove's chosen two (count 'em, two!) ghoulish delights from that incredible ish. First up, here's Wrightson both writing and illustrating a tale originally conceived by the immortal H.P. Lovecraft. Originally presented in Eerie #62 (cover dated January 1975), here's "Cool Air!"

Changing gears from ancient evil to science fiction, check out Wrightson's collaboration with the fabulous Nick Cuti on "A Martian Saga" (from Creepy # 87, cover dated March 1977). Enjoy!


  1. Groove:

    I got a chance to meet Nick Cuti at Comic-Con this year when I was covering his panel for Comic Book Resources. A very sweet old fellow!

    (By the way, that Wrightson art is GORGEOUS!)




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