Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black and White Wednesday: John Severin's Cracked Up TV Celebrities

John Severin, one of comicdom's all-time great artists, spent most of the Groovy Age drawing strips for Mad Magazine rip-off Cracked. Because of John Severin, Ol' Groove has tons, I say, tons o'Cracked magazines. His ability to draw any celebrity and make him or her instantly recognizable is waaaay beyond amazing (rivaled only by his sister Marie's talent for caricature, natch!). Just dig these TV-based parodies from Cracked #136 (cover-dated October 1976).

Man, do I miss those old TV shows...


  1. I love John Severin! I too have a stack of Cracked "Mazagines" and agree that John's work was the best part. Even as a kid I thought the jokes were corny, but Severin's amazing talent for rendering famous pesonalities still leaves me awestruck. Thanks for sharing, Groove!

  2. Ironic! I just flipped on my tv & the Happy Days theme kicked in!!! AAAAAYYYY!!! I'm born & raised in Milwaukee,WI. I love both John & Marie's parodies. They might have been really cornball. But I always loved Cracked & Mad magazine. John's inks on Herb Trimpe's Hulk were great.

    As we'll as Marie's Sub-Mariner, Hulk & King Kull art. Her Not Brand EEcchh & Foom paody's were great as well. If you haven't already done posts on these. I'd love to see you do them. AAAAYYYY!!! The MIKE

  3. Wow, this is great stuff. I love your blog! -- Mykal



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