Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making a Splash: DC Comics May, 1973

When you peeled back the cover of a DC comic mag 36 years ago this month, here's what enticed your eyeballs and blasted your brain...


  1. Great post wish I had thought of it. Maybe I will do something like this for one of my sites sometime.

  2. You know, I can't believe all those great Kirby DC books were out, and as a kid I was totally unaware of it. I loved Kirby from looking at my dad's collection of 60s Marvels.....but I stupidly thought Kirby was retired since he wasn't working for Marvel!

    I was such a Marvel zombie at that time that I just immediately glossed over anything with the "DC" circle. Big mistake! I couldn't have imagined Kirby drawing for DC!

    Had I been aware of them, I would've been all over those Kirby DC books. When I finally discovered what he had done at DC in the late 70s I went crazy..... and I collected a mass of them from a local comic book dealer!

  3. Terrific post. Those were the days, my friend.
    How about a "Flaming Serpents" mini-series?

  4. how interesting to see the difference between the marvel splashes and the dc ones. the marvel ones followed a single dominant figure composition, generally an unstable composition for the most part, and the DC ones have very stable compositions without the dominant figure in most. It is an intersting art lesson here.

  5. Wow, I'm continually amazed at Russ Heath. A lot of his work reminds me of Michael Golden.



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