Monday, May 11, 2009

Mining for Gold(en): "Nightmare"

Here's a supernatural story that not only showcases Michael Golden's mastery of mood, but allows letterer supreme John Workman strut his stuff, as well. From an original poem by Miriam B. Campbell with "graphic continuity" by Roger McKenzie, here's "Nightmare" from House of Secrets #151 (January 1978). Oh, and just to show who loves ya, baby, Ol' Groove's included Golden's singularly stunning splash from that self-same issue!


  1. Nothing to say but outstanding - like I said before, I love that '70s-vintage Golden work.

  2. DAMN!i had totally forgotten this story. what an incredible piece of work.
    i remember buying this, and although i couldn't articulate it at the time i knew it was special, and very different from everything else on the stands.
    thanks for posting it.

  3. damn it, Groove!!!

    erm, yeah, that's cool. . .

  4. Another new treasure for my eyes. I've not seen this Golden work before. It feels a bit like a Toth rendition.

  5. Now here's one I missed. I didn't start buying comics in earnest until the summer of '78, and even then, my horror comics were pretty sketchy. Thanks!

  6. There's two more really exceptional Golden splash pages in HOUSE OF SECRETS 148 and 149. Great thanks to the Groove-master for making the above pages available to us.

    For those who like (love!) this early Golden material, he also did stories at this time(1977-1978) for:
    MARVEL CLASSICS COMICS 28 ("A Cask of Amontillado" adapting Poe, 9 pages) **,
    BATMAN 295 17pages,
    BATMAN 303 6 pages **,
    BATMAN FAMILY 15 (9 pages) 16 (9 pages), 17 (19 pages), 18 (20 pages)**, 19 (20 pages)**, and 20 (two stories, 19 pages and 12 pages),
    DETECTIVE COMICS 482 (The Demon, 15 pages) **, and (Batmite, 6 pages),
    DEFENDERS 53 (4 pages)** and 54 (4 pages) **
    GHOSTS 88 (6 pages) **
    HOUSE OF MYSTERY 257 (7 pages) **, and 259 (10 pages) **.
    MISTER MIRACLE 23-25 (17 pages each)
    MYSTERY IN SPACE 113 (8 pages),
    SECRETS OF HAUNTED HOUSE 10 (8 pages) **

    (I indicated with ** after the ones that Groove has already posted stories for here.)

    After that came the DC Implosion, and probably lacking for work at DC, he made the move over to Marvel and did MICRONAUTS 1-12, DOCTOR STRANGE 46 and 55, STAR WARS 38, HOWARD THE DUCK magazine 1, 5, and 6, AVENGERS ANNUAL 10, BIZARRE ADVENTURES 25 and 28, AVENGERS ANNUAL 10, MARVEL FANFARE 1, 2, 4 and 47, FANTASTIC FOUR ROAST, X-MEN ANNUAL 7, and some other great work.
    Virtually all Groove-worthy !



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