Friday, December 25, 2009

12 Days of Christmas: Have Yourself a Batman Little Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Groove-ophiles! I know you're busy, and I hope you're spending some far-out quality time with loved ones, so it really makes me feel all fuzzy inside to think you'd take the time to stop by DotGK to see what Ol' Groove has under the tree for ya!

Nowadays it might be hard to believe, but during the Groovy Age Batman was one of the most Christmas-conscious superheroes around. Many a classic tale was spun around the Dark Knight's war against crime during the most wonderful time of the year, so Batman fan that I am (and I'm sure you are), I couldn't think of a better gift than to share a couple of those Yuletide yarns with ya! Whaddya say we kick things off with Denny O'Neil, Irv Novick, and Dick Giordano's "Merry Christmas" from Batman #247 (December 1972)?

Ya think the tale of Batman's New Years Eve from that self-same issue might pop up next week? Stay tuned!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves! Christmas Party 2009 kicks into high gear with Brave and the Bold #148's (December 1978) "The Night the Mob Stole X-Mas" by way-out wordsmith Bob Haney and the surprising-yet-outstanding art team of Joe Staton and Jim Aparo. It's Batman and Plastic Man vs. cigarette-bootlegging mobsters, baby! And that's the serious part!

Finally, we'll close the party out with this Robin short-short from Batman Family #4 (December 1975) by Bob Rozakis, Jose Delbo, and Vinnie Colletta. Try not to grin as you read "Robin's (Very) White Christmas". I dare ya!

Ol' Groove's gotta say it one more time: Merry Christmas, Groove-ophiles! Here's hoping you have a groovy time with friends and family, that everything you hoped for was under your tree, and, most of all, that the gift of peace and love is yours not just today but every day. After all, that is what Christmas is all about!


  1. Have a Groovy Christmas and a Far-Out New Year, Groove Baby!

    Seriously, have a good 'un and thanks for all your hard work on this 'ere blog throughout the year.

  2. One unfortunate consequence of those rare occasions where Jim Aparo inked another's pencils was that he didn't get to do the lettering. Check out the big blunder on the last page of that B&B Classic!

  3. Never mind...Haney's pun went over my head this Christmas morning! Oops...It was *supposed* to be "buttlegging". Thanks for lots of fun days this year, GA!

  4. Merry Christmas to you, Groovy Claus! Thanks again for this great blog; it's like finding a little something in your stocking every day of the year!

  5. You guys are very welcome! I love bloggin' for ya, 'cause Groove-ophiles are the most!

  6. Thanks ! Bought many a comic off the spinner rack



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