Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Makin' Chaykin: Red Circle Sorcery Two-fer

Why, oh, why haven't I started a regular Howard Chaykin segment here on DotGK? To be totally honest...I dunno. But never let it be said that Ol' Groove makes the same mistake forever! To celebrate the sensational skills of "Humble Howie", welcome to the first official installment of Makin' Chaykin. And since it's a Tuesday, let's kick things off with a two-fer! Here's a pair of extremely rare Chaykin masterpieces that originally appeared in Archie Comics' Red Circle Sorcery. From Red Circle Sorcery #6 (January 1974), check out "The Patience of a Cat" written by Carole Seuling, followed by the Marv Channing authored "Pirate Island" from Red Circle Sorcery #10 (September 1974).

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Groove:

    Thanks for sharing these. I knew these existed (unlike a couple of the previous Chaykin gems you've tossed out), but I'd never seen them. It's always good to get a look at early Chaykin before buying, because there are a few clunkers out there (I'm think books like Star Wars). Thanks for sharing.




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