Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12 Days of Christmas/Making a Splash: DC Comics for December 1977

Season's Greetings, Groove-ophiles! The Groovy Age 12 Days of Christmas rolls merrily along with a mountain of momentous splash pages from DC Comics' December 1977 Christmas crop! How many of these classics turned up in your stocking?


  1. WOW! Some great titles that year! Al Milgrom's beautiful Firestorm#1!! Marshal Roger's run on Detective! The awesome Ali VS Superman by Neal Adams!Alan Weiss's issue of SHAZAM! It's a shame Firestorm didn't take off. I loved that series, as well as Alan Weiss on Shazam. I wish DC had brought Weiss on from day one. Or Dave Cockrum. It was offered to him, but he then left DC.

    To do a little book called the X-Men! Can you imagine how that might have altered history, if he had stayed at DC & on Legion & did Shazam instead. He only left DC because they refused to give him back his Legion wedding splash page of the time. Because it was already promised to be given back to him. I know Bouncing Boy was the groom, I forget who the bride was. Saturn Girl? Being a HUGE Shazam fan I would have loved that! Probably putting Shazam back on top! Or how about if Dave had drawn Firestorm, if Milgrom had left the title.

  2. I think I had them all but the Scalphunter & Shazam. I love Christmas Comics.
    (btw, don't the 12 Days of Christmas actually start on December 25th? Or do we get another dozen days then?)

  3. Quite a few of these ended up in my collection, if not my stocking. Thanks for posting these beauties!

  4. I'm exercising a bit of artistic license on the 12 Days, bit, Michael, you kidder you!

    Hey, three Mikes! You wouldn't all happen to be kings or wise men, would ya...?

  5. Why Certainly!!
    AAwwww a Wiseguy!! Yuk! YUK! YUK! Hey if I win that X-Mas eve Powerball jackpot of $100 plus million. You can call me King! The King has now left the website. Thank you, Thank you very much! Just call me Hugo!

  6. You win that Powerball jackpot, you can call yourself Jackson Hugo Presley and I'll put the crown on ya myself! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!



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