Monday, April 12, 2010

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Rich Buckler Made Me Buy These!

Here's a half-dozen of Ol' Groove's favorite Marvel-era Rich Buckler covers. When I saw these on the spinner rack, there was no way I was putting them back! Can you blame me?


  1. Hey Groovster!
    Gotta love Rich Buckler's work. I especially dug his stint on the FF with "Joltin" Joe Sinnott! His FF, Hulk & Luke Cage were awesome. Not to forget his groovy Dr.Doom & Silver Surfer!LOVED his Morbius in Vampire Tales well!

    His Giant Size Super Stars #1 was mind blowing too. It's too bad he never got to do Luke Cage Powerman, Dr.Doom or a Silver Surfer book. Next to Kirby, Romita SR. & John Buscema his FF rocked!Which Joltin Joe was a huge part of!

  2. I appreciate the love for Rich Buckler that you've got going on, but you really ought to be ashamed for not highlighting one of his Astonishing Tales covers featuring Deathlok.

  3. Such a great artist.


  4. Glad you dug the post, fellas! And Chuck, you know Ol' Groove is shameless! The only reason there are no Deathlok covers is 'cause there's a full post on the swash-Buckler's Deathlok covers coming up. Oh, and his (few) Black Panther (Jungle Action) covers, too.

  5. Nice covers! The Defenders is one of his best -- had a bit of a Gil Kane quality.

    Witch Woman, yeah! Loved those 1970s outfits!

    He did a great Black Widow cover on Marvel Team-Up (82, I think) that was inked by Bob McLeod.



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