Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Miscellanea: Worthy Causes, Cool New Blogs, and Kaluta Kovers

ITEM! Ol' Groove rarely raps about new comics here on the Diversions, 'cause they're really not my bag, but I was recently contacted by Joseph Pias at Black Snake Studios about reviewing their new mag, RIP. I really don't need to review the mag itself, since it's the company's first Comics Fighting Cancer release--in Ol' Groove's mind, that's reason enough to support it. Whether you like urban vampire mags or not, 'tis a worthy endeavor to get your hands on a copy. Why? 'Cause RIP is sponsored by the National Foundation for Cancer Research, so 100% of the profits go to NFCR to help them continue their life-saving mission. Order your copy here and help the NFCR make a difference in someone's life!

ITEM! Have you noticed the far-out new blogs that I've been adding to the Mind-Blowing Blogs list lately? Great stuff going on out there--ya need to check 'em out, Groove-ophiles! Like f'rinstance the ever-amazing and prolific Mykal Banta's fab new Kingdom Kane exploring the greatness of (who else?) Gil Kane! As with all of Mykal's blogs, it's classy and classic, so ya might as well get on over there and add it to your faves. Then there's My Comic Book Crisis, a new blog written by a groovy lady from Ol' Groove's g-g-generation who has only just (gasp!) discovered the wonders of comicbooks. It's a lotta fun to follow her journey of discovery, giving us jaded fans a fresh and fun take on the medium we dearly love. And I dunno what's goin' on across the pond, but there is a burgeoning bunch of ba-a-ad bronze age blogs hittin' the interweb--and makin' it a better place to hang out by their presence. Be sure to dig on Mighty World of Bronze Age Marvel, Steve Does Comics, and The Yellowed Pages, baby!

ITEM! Still in a mood for some Ka-loooooo-ta, after yesterday's captivating Carson of Venus post, Groove-ophiles? Then feast your eyes on Michael Wm. Kaluta's stunningly supernatural take on the magnificent Madame Xanadu (who always put Teen Groove in mind of Cher) from the short Groovy Age run of Doorway to Nightmare (October-July 1978).


  1. Hey Groovy One!
    Gotta love Mike Kaluta! I loved his The Shadow, which he left wayyy too soon! I never made the Cher connection before. But I guess that's true. I Loved Madame Xanadu! No Olivia Newton John for you! These covers are goregous! Great plug for that comic raising $ for cancer, too.

  2. Oh, yeah, please Olivia Newton-John for me! Liv and Cher--my Betty and Veronica! ;D



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