Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Boys from Derby: "Mr. Beazely's Ghosts" by Gill and Newton

Don Newton's time at Charlton wasn't spent only on his classic Phantom comics, Groove-ophiles. Mr. Newton was also a master of mood and produced a number of far-out fear fables for Charlton's stable of creepy comix. Teamed with Charlton's uber-prolific Joe Gill, he used shadows and light to draw us into a world of apparitionally agitated abodes, like the one in today's post. Let's rattle around Ghost Manor #22 (November 1974) with Joe, Don, and Mr. Bones as we meet..."Mr. Beazely's Ghosts"!


  1. Newton was a fantastic, painterly artist and I'd love to see a print collection of all his charlton work.

  2. Don Newton left us way too young. I loved his work on Shazam/Capt.Marvel on World's Finest in the late 70's? to early 80's.

  3. Newton had greatness in him.

  4. Well said, Mykal! More Newton to come, guys--including some Shazam!

  5. Holy Moley!

    Sad DC has destroyed Captain Marvel & the Marvel family totally! Can't wait to see the Newton Shazam stories! Bring e'm on!SHAZAM!



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