Friday, July 22, 2011

Secret Origins: Captain America by Englehart, S. Buscema, and Colletta

Today's the big day, Groove-ophiles! It's make or break time! Captain America the First Avenger is hitting theaters, and it's either gonna be pure bliss--or sheer agony. There is no in-between. Nah, just kidding. (We already had the sheer agony back in 1990!). It's no secret that Cap is Ol' Groove's number-one fave Marvel super-hero, so of course I'm jazzed--and nervous. The previews look great, so my fingers are crossed.

To celebrate the big day, Ol' Groove's dug up another version of Cap's origin (remember this one from Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins?), this one from Captain America #176 (May 1974). It's the ish after the legendary Secret Empire finale, and Cap is re-thinking his life...which leads to his fateful decision to give up being Captain America. This version is extra-special 'cause it's by the Groovy Age Cap team-supreme, Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema (with Vinnie Colletta on inks), and if the flick can get this part right, then Ol' Groove'll be one happy dude!

And just 'cause we can, how 'bout a look at some far-out cover art that graced Cap's mag during the Groovy Age? Yeah, Ol' Groove knew you'd dig that!

One more thing, Groove-ophiles! If you can't get enough Captain America this weekend, be sure to truck on over to Mars Will Send No More, where, this past Sunday, Ol' Groove had the honor of being that far-out blog's very first guest-blogger! My post, natch, is about Cap, this time being Jack Kirby's 1975 return to writing and drawing the Star-Spangled Avenger! make sure to check it out, y'hear?


  1. Hey Groovy One!
    I think old winghead is going to do just fine. In fact I think he's gonna break Thor's office box returns. In fact I think he's gonna come close to knocking that nerdy kid with the glasses out of the #1 spot! Noooo not Peter Parker!That kid who has the problem playing his wand all the time!

    From what I've seen of the movie in clips. As well as the fans comments who have seen it. Beside's one sappy USO tour segment in the begining before he goes into action. As well as he isn't trained? That it then takes off in classic Kirby fashion. The reviews I've read by fans love it. Sating it's a cross between a superhero movie DOH! Really? LOL And Indianna Jones adventure/action wise. Which is exactly how'd I'd describe from what I've seen.

    I believe I've seen the modern Black Knight's body also in a photo. Being looked at by army brass. I'm betting that'll be the tag at the end maybe. You can clearly see his armor, sword in his folded arms & his helmet. If it isn't the Black Knight, it might be Balder the Brave. Leading into the Thor connect. Maybe the studio merged yhe two characters together. Avengers Assemble!!

  2. WOW! I love the 40's like serial/ Capt.A #1 cover movie poster! AWESOME!Everyone of these covers were beautiful & still as powerful today! I was never a huge Frank Robbins fan myself. But even his cover looks great!Semper FI

  3. Vita-Rays in full effect, Groove! The transformation is taking hold...

    Your guest post also super-charged our site, easily breaking all page view records to date by a long shot. We are honored! Stan Lee himself couldn't have done better.



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