Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Bicentennial (Plus 35) America!

July 4 is a fun-and-family-filled day in Groove City, and it's probably that way for you, too, Groove-ophiles! So why waste time? Let's kick back and enjoy some classic (and sometimes, yes, a little silly) art by some of the greats of Groovy Age Marvel. Oh, in case you're the skeptical sort, the art credits come from the calendar, itself--so if there are any boo-boos, the batty Bullpen made 'em! Ready to party like it's 1976? Then let's dig on... the pin-ups from the pulse-pounding Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar 1976!
Jazzy John Romita

Free-Wheelin' Frank Robbins and Fearless Frank Giacoia

Happy Herb Trimpe

Battlin' Bob Brown and Mighty Mike Esposito

Gil "Sugar" Kane

Big John Buscema and Fearless Frank Giacoia

Ross "The Boss" Andru and Mighty Mike Esposito

Jazzy John Romita

Joltin' Joe Sinnott

Our Pal Sal Buscema

Frightening Frank Brunner

Judo Jim Starlin and Awesome Alan Weiss

Jim "Madman" Mooney
Let's not forget, though Ol' Groove hasn't posted the actual calendar pages, Tony "The Tiger" Isabella wrote all the text!

And  when the party's over, why not visit The Veterans Site where one free click can provide a meal for a homeless and hungry veteran? You'll feel really far-out for it!

To the rest of our Groove-ophiles 'round the world, have a great day!


  1. Wow. Thanks for that. I had that calendar when I was seven years old. Seeing those images again brought a huge rush of nostalgia. It is amazing how familiar they still are to me.

  2. Hey Groovster!
    The Force must be strong with you! I have a tiny article coming out on the Marvel Calendars this month! In issue #49 of Twomorrow's Back Issue. I had Roy Thomas & John Romita SR contribute to it also.

    I can vividitly remember to this day where I bought these calendars. From 1975-81, beautiful artwork,funny & we learned the Marvel Bullpenner's birthdays. Make my calendars Marvel Calendars!

  3. Thank you, Groove, for a MOST appreciated posting. I loved Marvel's and DC's calendars in the 1970s (and I think Marvel also had a Hulk calendar in 1980). If you're of a mind to do so, I wouldn't mind seeing some more of these on your site.

  4. Thanks for posting this awesome calendar. I have the 1975 one and have been looking for this one for a long time. Happy 4th!!

  5. Hey Groovyone!
    I just wanted to wish you & all my fellow groovsters a Happy & safe 4th of July! Man this Marvel calendar & the ones from 75 & 77 were my favorites. I'd love to see those all be put up here as well. I have some scans of a few of the originals.

    If you'd like to use them here. Man, Frank Brunner's monster mash! Starlin's Cosmic Trio & Gil Kane's Conan blew me away as a kid. The rest are equally as beautiful. Herb's Hulk at Valley Forge, Frank Robinson's Invaders! WOW!

  6. The calendars were as follows.

    1975-77 Marvel Universe

    1978 Spider-Man

    1979 The Incredible Hulk

    1980 Dr.Strange

    1981 Marvel's 20th anniversary

  7. Mighty Mike--you're gonna have to do a guest post featuring those calendars, my man!

  8. Sounds cool to me. However I don't have the Spidey 78 & Hulk 79 calendars. I do have scans of some of the original art from the 75 & 76 calendars though.

  9. And I wrote it! Surely one of the most fun and oddest things I ever did for Marvel.

  10. You sure did! And ya done good, too, Tony! That message from the Thing at the end was a hoot! I'll have to update that post and give you your due credit...

  11. So Tony when's the next calendar coming out? Great job! I loved these calendars!

  12. Thanks to this link, I found out that I could use an old 1975 calendar in the year 2014. I would love to do the same thing using a 1976 calendar for 2015. Any chance you have the scans of the actual calendar pages of this Marvel Bicentennial calendar, too?



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