Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Week! Black and White Wednesday: "The Fortune" by Will Eisner

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! What says, "Halloween" more than a spooky old house, a sinister storm, a sweet damsel in distress, an unseen psychotic killer, and The Spirit? Not much you'd say? You'd be right, baby! From Warren's The Spirit #11 (October 1975) here's Will Eisner's The Spirit in "The Fortune"!

Oh, yeah, "The Fortune" was originally published in The Spirit Section, May 11, 1947.


  1. Oh, the Warren Spirit mags were my favorites from the '70s, and this was one of my favorite stories. (Despite the standard debate involving Ebony--and this time his friend Pierpont--I'd choose as my absolute favorite the one in which Ebony listens to a little old lady recount her less-than-innocent years-long romance with two rival suitors...culminating in her own murder.)

  2. Great choice, Groove - you can never go wrong with Eisner's Spirit. And this story seems pretty familiar; I think I probably read it way back in the day when an older fan lent me, among other things, a few of the Warren Spirit mags.

  3. The story is very predictable, but Eisner's art just stuns. The way he uses odd angles and cameras through furniture or shadows to hide the faces is mesmerizing, he never stops being inventive. Even something like the shadows on the ropes add to the look of the art.



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