Friday, October 24, 2014

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Groove's Fave Brave and the Bold Bat-Covers

It's Batman's 75th anniversary year, and Ol' Groove needs to get on the ball wit' da celebratin'! Today, why don't we hit the Spinner Rack of the Seventies to take a look at some of Batman's best Brave and the Bold covers! The Darknight Detective's titanic team-up mag was always a joy to behold, and what with artists like Neal Adams, Nick Cardy, and Jim Aparo providing the art, there are some truly far-out and memorable covers to goggle at! Here's a bunch'a mine--tell us about some'a yours--and even share 'em on our FaceBook page if ya wanna!

Not only are the covers dy-no-mite, but a lot of these are some of Ol' Groove's all-time fave B&B stories, as well. We'll have'ta rap about that sometime, baby!


  1. I had almost all the B&B issues from around that time. #100 was my introduction to the art of Jim Aparo and it was a real eye-opener. In those days, before he smoothed off the rough edges, he proved himself an able substitute for the mighty Adams. And Nick Cardy's covers were always welcome too for a bit of a change.

  2. I liked "The Grasp of Shahn-Zi" with The Spectre. Some early Neal Adams there.

  3. Jim: "But events on the cover NEVER happen in the book itself!"
    Terrorist: "...Huh. You're right. I even here? I think I need to sit down for a moment."



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